Landing Roblox on PS5: The Ultimate Guide to Multiplayer Gaming in October 2023

Roblox Social Features on PS5

A huge part of Roblox’s appeal is interacting with other players. On PS5, you can:

  • Chat using text or plug in a headset to voice chat in-game
  • Friend other players and join up in games together
  • Create or join Roblox groups centered around unique interests
  • Customize your avatar to express your style and personality
  • Trade items with other players by exchanging or selling

While most experiences are positive, make sure to avoid sharing personal info and utilize the report tools if needed.

Can you play Roblox on PS5 VR?

Unfortunately there is no official confirmation yet on whether Roblox will support PS VR when it launches on PS5. However, here are some thoughts on the possibility of Roblox VR on PS5:

Roblox already supports VR on PC and Meta Quest headsets, so the developers have experience creating VR content. Bringing a VR version to PS5 would allow Roblox to tap into the installed base of PSVR and PSVR 2 owners.

As a social platform, Roblox could benefit greatly from the immersive experience of VR. Interacting and playing with friends in a virtual Roblox world in VR would take the social gameplay to the next level.

However, porting the existing Roblox engine and games to be PlayStation VR compatible likely requires additional development work. Sony would need to approve Roblox VR for distribution on the PlayStation Store as well.

While not confirmed yet, Roblox VR on PS5 seems like a logical extension given the platform’s support for VR on other devices. The social nature of Roblox gameplay would translate well to a PSVR 2 headset. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Roblox Corporation on any plans to enable VR support on PS5. But the capabilities of the PS5 console should be able to power an immersive Roblox VR experience if they choose to pursue it.

Roblox Customization Options on PS5

One of the best parts of Roblox is personalizing your avatar with cool clothes, accessories, faces, and more. On PS5, you can:

  • Visit the Avatar Shop to browse tons of items to purchase with your Robux 
  • Explore user-created items like shirts, pants, and gear
  • obtain fancy hats, gear, or bundles by playing certain games
  • Change your avatar’s body type, proportions and skin tone
  • Show off your style to all your friends and other players

The PS5 DualSense controller adds extra immersion with haptic feedback tied to equipping items or taking damage.

Popularity and User Base for Roblox

Roblox, a popular virtual world platform with 200 million active users, attracts kids and teens, and creators, with billions of visits, making it ready for PlayStation launch.

Over 200 million monthly active users: As of November 2021, Roblox reported 49.4 million daily active users. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise Roblox boasts over 200 million monthly active users engaging on the platform.

Massive appeal with kids and teens: Given its creative and social gameplay, Roblox has struck a chord with younger audiences. Over half of Roblox’s player base is under 13 years old. For kids and teens, Roblox is a dynamic virtual playground.

Top games have billions of visits: Roblox’s most popular games have amassed huge player bases. For example, Adopt Me! has reached over 20 billion visits since launching in 2017. Other top games like Brookhaven RP and Murder Mystery 2 also have player counts in the billions.

Strong multiplayer and social gaming: With its avatar system, chat features, and multiplayer games, Roblox has become a go-to place for playing together online. The social ecosystem creates loyal players who hang out even when not actively gaming.

Huge user base ready for Roblox on PS5: With legions of engaged players across PC, mobile and Xbox, the PlayStation community is hungry for Roblox. Tens of millions of existing users will likely flock to try Roblox on their new PS5 consoles.

Roblox commands a massive and devoted user base spanning kids to teens. Its unique social multiplayer approach has made it one of the most popular games in the world. This vast community stands ready to embrace Roblox on Sony’s PlayStation 5 platform.

Monetization in Roblox on PS5

As a free-to-play game, Roblox is supported by various monetization methods:

  • Robux, the virtual currency, can be purchased on PS5 to enhance your experience
  • Game passes offer special perks or unlocks in specific games
  • Developers get a cut of the Robux spent within their games
  • Roblox Premium provides a monthly Robux allowance along with other benefits

While completely optional, investing some real money can unlock deeper engagement and creativity if you get hooked. As with any game, just be wise about spending and parental oversight.

Cross-Platform Capabilities with Other Devices

A major advantage of Roblox is that your account, avatar, friends, progress, and purchased items are consistent across all supported platforms.

On PS5, you can play alongside friends who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, or mobile through cross-platform multiplayer. Certain experiences may have limitations – for example, more graphically intense games being capped at a certain player count on consoles. But the social ecosystem unites Roblox players across devices.


Roblox opening up on PS5 represents a massive evolution that poised to hook millions of new console gamers. With its kid-friendly creative tools, diverse player-made games, and emphasis on socializing, Roblox offers limitless fun.

Follow this guide when Roblox drops next month to skillfully navigate its worlds while customizing an awesome avatar and forging new friendships. The imaginative experiences awaiting PlayStation’s players are only limited by their creativity and curiosity.

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